Purpose and Beliefs

Hackensack University Medical Center is a team committed to providing an exceptional patient experience through quality patient-centered care, education, research, and community outreach.


Guiding Principles & Values

  • We are dedicated to achieving excellence in patient- and family-centered care.
  • We provide the highest quality and value-based services.
  • We advance the delivery of evidence-based healthcare.
  • We maintain a safe and clean environment.
  • We are committed to innovation to enhance quality of care.
  • We hold ourselves accountable to meet and exceed our professional responsibilities.
  • We adhere to moral and ethical principles.
  • We act in an honest and fiscally-responsible manner.
  • We cooperate and align our efforts to fulfill our purpose and to achieve the highest level of satisfaction for our patients, their families, employees, physicians, and others.
  • We are compassionate and respectful, we value diverse opinions, and we recognize individual contributions to foster healthy and supportive relationships.
  • We demonstrate excellence through our appearance, expressions, and actions.
  • We are dedicated to growth through continuous learning.
  • We adapt to the ever-changing healthcare environment.
  • We are culturally competent and responsive to the needs, values, and preferences of our patients, their families, and our colleagues.
  • We demonstrate effective two-way communication with our patients, families, employees, physicians, and the community-at-large.
  • We provide timely, clear, concise, and reliable information and we ensure understanding.
  • We listen and respond to input and feedback.



  1. Quality-Achieving excellence in patient-centered care and service.
  1. Service-Committing to anticipate and fulfill the needs, requests, and wishes of our customers.
  1. Patient-Centered Care-Providing care that is compassionate, empathic, and responsive to the needs, values, and preferences of individual patients and the families of patients.
  1. Innovation-Advancing the delivery of healthcare through the use of cutting-edge technology, research, education, and processes that achieve desired outcomes.
  1. Compassion-Showing concern for all individuals by listening to, and empathizing with, their feelings, anxieties, and expectations.
  1. Communication-Providing timely, reliable information that results in understanding.
  1. Integrity-Acting in a responsible and ethical manner.
  1. Professionalism-Accepting individual responsibility and accountability within our roles, as defined by the standards of our profession.
  1. Respect-Listening to, and valuing, diverse opinions.
  1. Satisfaction-Creating a safe, supportive, and healing environment that inspires us to exceed the needs and expectations of patients, the families of patients, physicians, and employees.


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