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Corporate Wellness

GamePlan for Corporate Wellness

As the leader of your company’s wellness, you are responsible for creating a program, and setting an example of well-being for your employees. A large number of corporate and public leaders trust HackensackUMC with their healthcare needs and come to us each year for our personalized attention, award-winning superior medical care, and continuity of services. Through our various departments,  we offer you the full range of medical care, testing, and referrals to specialists that you may need – right within our own facilities. 

Corporate Wellness Round Table

On May 11, the Chamber and HackensackUMC’s Corporate Wellness team invited local business leaders to explore the growing trend towards wellness in the workplace.


May 11, 2016



Phil Simms's Corporate Wellness Seminar on NJTV

On May 15th, 2015 the HackensackUMC Corporate Wellness team held a breakfast symposium to help HR executives learn about strategies for building a happier and healthier workplace. Hosted by NY Giants great Phil Simms and moderated by Emmy Award winning anchor Steve Adubato, interviews from the event were filmed for an episode of One-On-One with Steve Adubato, and broadcast on NJTV. Watch the show here!

May 15th, 2015



Part 1:


Part 2:

GamePlan Breakfast Highlights:


Highlighted Services:

  • Annual Physicals, Screenings
  • Memberships, On-Site Services, Wellness Challenges and Medically Based Wellness Programs
  • Smoking Cessation Programs
  • Pharmaceutical Management
  • Executive Health Program
  • Behavioral Health Access
  • Family (Covered Lives) Outreach
  • Nutrition
  • Registered Dietician
  • Healthy Cooking Studio






GAMEPLAN for Corporate Wellness

  1. Set a plan. Do you have a wellness program available to your employees? If not, you should consider the benefits of implementing a program, which can include lower insurance costs, greater production, and an overall healthier workforce.
  2. Know the facts. Companies who implement comprehensive employee wellness programs can experience an ROI that ranges from $1.40-$4.90 for each dollar spent.  
  3. Every team needs a captain. Corporate culture changes from the top. If your and your executives start dedicating time to proper health and wellness, the example will trickle down to your employees. 
  4. A good defense is the best offense. Encourage your team to schedule regular well visits, exams, screenings, mammograms, and colonoscopies. 
  5. Training wins championships. A proper corporate wellness program means more than just regular screening and blood checks. Implementing a strong fitness initiative into your corporate culture helps achieve maximum success. 
  6. Work on team discipline. Behavioral Health is an importance aspect of your employees day to day well-being. Sometimes just talking through your every day stresses is more effective than prescribing medicine.  
  7. Study game film. Learning proper nutrition habits, techniques, and cooking styles is an important part of maintaining a holistic approach to corporate wellness. 
  8. There is no I in Team. Planning corporate health outings will cultivate a stronger connection and allow your employees to motivate each other. Organize group yoga classes and cycling classes. Create team challenges. 
  9. View your scouting report. Keeping your staff regularly informed about trends in wellness will keep people on point. 
  10. Talk to your coach. Does your company need help implementing a corporate wellness program?




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