GAMEPLAN for Healthy Family

Health and family are two of the most important aspects of our lives.  Because of this, our family’s health is always a continuing goal we strive for.  


1. Take a time out: Use your common sense.  If your or someone in your family is sick, make sure they take a sick day.  
2. Know the fundamentals:  The family dynamic is a complex one.  You’re dealing with different tastes, needs and schedules.  It’s important that you seek balance within the group and pay attention when it’s needed.  
3. Know your team history:  Keep everyone’s medical records and important documents handy and in a safe place.  You never know when they might be needed in an emergency.  
4. Fuel for Performance:  Making healthy meals a regular part of your lifestyle and having them ready will keep your gang from running to the drive-through for something quick.  Have everyone help to prepare meals and show them why healthy is always better.  
5. Take care of your teammates: Make annual physicals and dental visits a part of everyone’s busy schedule.  
6. Keep your equipment in good order:  A clean house. A fully stocked kitchen.  Clean clothing that fits well.  Spending quality time with your children.  These are the things that promote happiness and gets your family is ready for kick-off.  
7. Good offense is a good defense: Make sure everyone in your family is up to date with vaccinations and immunizations.    
8. Prepare a training regimen:  Make physical fitness a priority in your family.  Whether it’s a group rate at the gym or long walks together as a family, make physical fitness and wellness a lifestyle habit for all of you. 
9.  Talk to your coach: Whether it’s a medical professional, fitness trainer, or nutritionist seek out their expertise and make sure you are maximizing your Warrior potential. Take the first step today by calling 855-996-WELL (9355) or clicking here to learn more about our world-class physicians at HackensackUMC.
10. Put your GAMEPLAN in Action: HackensackUMC Fitness & Wellness Powered by the Giants can help you put your GAMEPLAN into action. Check out to start getting fit and well!

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