GAMEPLAN for Healthy Weight Control



We all think about it from an aesthetic viewpoint but what’s really at stake in regard to our weight and maintaining a healthy one?

Here’s a game plan to keep you fit, feeling great, and most importantly the healthiest you possible.

1. Know The Stats: More than 1 in 3 Americans is obese.  People with obesity who reduced their weight by 5% had improvements in metabolic function in many tissues, including fat, liver, and muscle. 

2. Know the Fundamentals: Remaining at a healthy weight is not always easy-but the equation can be simple.  Start by choosing foods that supply you with the appropriate number of calories to maintain your weight. This number varies from person to person. It depends on many factors, including your height, weight, age, sex, and activity level.

3. Keep your equipment in good order: Your wellness and awareness is important.  Weighing yourself, regular visits to your physician, and an inventory of your lifestyle can illuminate possible contributing factors to weight flux. 

4. Prepare a training regimen: There are endless benefits to a regular fitness regimen.   60-90 Minutes of physical activity 3-5 days a week is ideal.  You can even break up the session by doing multiple activities at 20-30 min. at a time. Just get moving the best you can and always consult your physician before starting a new fitness regimen. 

5. Know your opponent: Unhealthy weight comes from poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, and basically taking more calories in then you burn. There are, of course, other contributing factors but the former are the main culprit of weight gain. 

6. Take Care of your Teammates: Make the maintenance of a healthy weight a group effort.  Eat healthy family meals, workout with friends, and take walking lunch breaks with co-workers. 

7. Take a time out: Aside from sleep’s biologically restorative benefits if we don’t get regular sleep of 7-9 hours nightly it leaves us less inclined to get in our physical activity and more likely that we settle for take-out rather then a wholesome home-cooked meal.  Get some sleep.

8. Fuel for Performance: Water, Lean protein, fruits, vegetables, and use sugars and sugary drinks sparingly.  If you feel in the dark about your diet see a certified nutritionist a healthy push in the right direction.

9. Talk to your coach: Whether it’s a medical professional, fitness trainer, or nutritionist seek out their expertise and make sure you are maximizing your Warrior potential. Take the first step today by calling 855-996-WELL (9355) or clicking here to learn more about our world-class physicians at HackensackUMC.
10. Put your GAMEPLAN in Action: HackensackUMC Fitness & Wellness Powered by the Giants can help you put your GAMEPLAN into action. Check out to start getting fit and well!

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