Preparing for Your Visit

Screening Mammogram

All our screening mammograms are done at the Betty Torricelli Institute for Breast Care Satellite located at you our new,  state-of-the- art screening mammogram facility located at our newly completed Wellness Center, located at 87 Route 17 North in Maywood, N.J. The center, only 1.3 miles from our main campus, features ample parking and is easily accessible. The center opened in April 2014.
We are proud to offer the latest in digital mammography technology, 3D imaging, also called Tomosynthesis. Patients will not be charged extra for this type of screening and, as before, all mammograms will be interpreted by our fellowship- trained dedicated breast radiologists. Screening Mammogram means you are not experiencing any problems with your breast such as a lump, pain or discharge. If you have any problems with your breasts, you will be scheduled as a diagnostic mammogram and will be coming to the Betty Torricelli Institute for Breast Care at the Main Hospital location. 

Diagnostic Patients

If you are a diagnostic patient, you will be going through the same procedure as above; however, you will be here for approximately 3 hours. This visit will entail a mammogram, a possible ultrasound and/or biopsy. During your biopsy, you will be taken care of by a certified navigator nurse. The radiologist will review your images and you will get your results the same day.

Important Steps to Prepare for Your Mammogram

Mammogram history 
It is essential to bring any previous mammograms, breast ultrasounds and breast MRIs with coordinating reports with you on your appointment day. The imaging may be in film (X-Ray) or a CD form. We usually prefer a CD and it must be in DICOM format. If you have had a biopsy at another facility, we would also like a copy of your pathology report. The previous studies are used for comparison. There may be subtle changes over time that may be significant and would otherwise go undetected without these films. In addition, comparison to prior studies might prevent unnecessary additional views, ultrasound and/or biopsies.
The ideal time to have a mammogram is three to seven days after your menstrual period when your breasts are less lumpy and tender.
Underarm Hygiene
You should not wear any deodorant, powder or lotions on your underarms or breasts on your appointment day. These products may be mistaken for abnormalities or obscure important findings on your mammogram.
You must have a prescription from your doctor indicating what test he or she would like you to have. It is very important for your doctor to mark on the prescription any breast problems that he noticed. This will be helpful on your appointment day to prepare for your mammogram.
Health coverage
The Betty Torricelli Institute for Breast Care accepts most major insurance plans, including many managed care and HMO plans. Most of HUMC Breast Care services, including mammography, are covered by insurance. If you have questions about your insurance, please contact your insurance carrier.
Mammogram Treatment
To ensure the best breast care treatment, a female registered radiologic technologist certified in mammography will perform your mammogram.
MRI Breast Biopsy
You must already have had a mammography and the films reviewed by the Hackensack Breast Center radiologist.
If possible, wear a two-piece outfit so that you can easily remove your top or blouse for your mammogram.
Medical history
Please bring your completed history sheet with you, if you received this in the mail, otherwise you will be asked to complete this on the day of your visit.
Insurance and plans of payment
Please also bring your insurance card, prescription and referral (if needed). Patients without insurance will be required to pay for their services at the time of their visit. The Betty Torricelli Institute for Breast Care accepts cash, checks and major credit cards.
Prior to going to the Operating Room, a wire will be place in the breast under mammographic or ultrasound guidance for tissue sampling.
Blood thinners
If you are taking blood thinners check with your healthcare provider when you should stop taking these medications prior to the biopsy (i.e. Coumadin, Baby Aspirin, etc.).


In addition to the above information, we suggest reading through:

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