Directions to Molly Center

Directions to the Pediatric Center and Molly Center for Children with Diabetes and Endocrine Disorders (Pediatric Endocrinology):
*Please do not use 30 Prospect Ave. for GPS* - – We are located on the corner of Atlantic and Second St. You may use address 60 2nd Street for GPS, but please remember this is ACROSS the street from our garage entrance.
Free Parking available ONLY in garage below the Pediatric Outpatient Center
The main entrance to the medical center is located at 30 Prospect Ave, off of Essex St. in Hackensack, NJ. Drive past the main entrance to the next corner (Atlantic Street).
Make a RIGHT turn onto Atlantic St. and continue down the hill. The green glass building that you will pass on your right on your way down the hill is the Pediatric Outpatient Center.
Make a right at the intersection of Atlantic St.and SecondSt.
You will see the entrance to our parking garage immediately on your right (named PEDIATRIC CENTER PARKING).FullSizeRender
Drive up to the security gate and press the red button. Inform security you have an appointment with the Molly Center for Children. The guard will raise the gate, allowing you to enter.
After parking your car, take the garage elevator to floor G. Please Remember which B level floor you parked on.
Upon reaching the ground floor, you are in the main lobby. Proceed around the corner to your left to the main elevators.
Take the main elevator to the third floor for registration. Sign in on the clipboard at the front desk at the station to the left. Once you have registered please have a seat in one of the patient lounges and our staff will come out to call and bring your child to the exam room.
Molly Center for Children with Diabetes and Endocrine Disorders
(Pediatric Endocrinology)
Robert C. Garrett on Caucus NJ

Steve Adubato interviews Hackensack University Health Network President and CEO, Robert C. Garrett


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