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The Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Center of New Jersey (SCNJ)’s mission includes bereavement support, public education, and participation in ongoing research efforts. The SCNJ supports bereaved families during times of crisis, as well as performs free one-year case management follow-up with all referred families. The SCNJ offers:
  • Direct counseling via phone/letters to all families who have experienced the death of a child or toddler
  • Home visits by specially trained staff
  • Adult and sibling support groups
  • Statewide public health initiatives
  • Presentation of educational outreach programs and dissemination of materials for specific healthcare disciplines, child care providers, law enforcement and EMS personnel as well as the general public
  • Management of the statewide SIDS database
  • Research and training
  • 24-hour hotline support
  • Clergy support
  • Referral to local mental health services as needed
SIDS Family Services is SCNJ’s parent-driven support division. The SFS Program Coordinator works with a family advisory board to offer a variety of family-focused programs:
Peer contact: Pairing a newly bereaved family with a family who has experienced the devastation of losing an infant or toddler to sudden and unexplained death more than a year ago.
Speakers’ bureau: Coordinating parent presenters for community education and awareness events to share their personal experience with SIDS/SUDC.
Annual state-wide memorial services:  We hold a memorial service in June in Newark and a memorial service in December in Piscataway.
Family-focused and fund raising events:  Events throughout the year give families the opportunities to get together in more informal ways. 
First Tuesday of the month: 7:00-8:30 P.M.

Pregnancy and Newborn Loss Support Group
Meditation Room, Ground Floor, JMS Children’s Hospital
Imus/WFAN Pediatric Center, 3rd floor (follow signs)
Annual Programs:

Peer Contact Training: call (800) 545-7437 for more details

Annual Memorial Services: call (800) 545-7437 for more details

Family Gathering at Jenkinson’s Pavilion, Point Pleasant, NJ:  July (Monday)  800-545-7437 for more details
NJ Hot line: 800-545-7437
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Steve Adubato interviews Hackensack University Health Network President and CEO, Robert C. Garrett

to find a doctor call 855-422-9355
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