Latest Technology and Advanced Procedures

The HackensackUMC Orthopaedic Institute has invested in the most cutting-edge proven technology and advanced procedures within the region. Our investment in facilities, technology, and procedures is an important part of our commitment to providing the highest level of patient safety and care outcomes. 

Surgeons a HackensackUMC have been involved in developing minimally invasive surgical techniques, in both hip and knee replacement. These techniques may allow patients a more rapid recovery, possibly leading to shorter hospitalization. As the number of primary total knee replacements (TKR) and total hip replacements (THR) has increased nationwide, the number of patients requiring complex revision procedures has increased, as well. 

Many of our experienced joint replacement surgeons are especially skilled in these complicated surgeries. These procedures include two-stage revision procedures for infection, management of peri-prosthetic fractures and repeat revision surgeries.

HackensackUMC is the provider-of-choice for a variety of surgical procedures, including:

  • Personalized TKR with patient-specific instrumentation
  • Cementless TKR with Tantalum metal
  • Partial replacements, such as unicompartmental or patello-femoral
  • THR with advanced-bearing surfaces to minimize wear and tear of implant

Many of these procedures may benefit from utilizing new plastic materials that may minimize wear in the prosthesis in younger, active patients.

Advanced Post-Operative Care

After your surgery, you will be cared for by a dedicated team of healthcare professionals. Twice-daily physical therapy, led by our advanced certified therapists, will help you exceed your functionality and mobility goals. Our Pain Management specialists implement best practice medicine to help alleviate any pain and/or discomfort and dedicated Magnet® nurses provide ongoing bedside care throughout your hospitalization.

Pain Management

The Orthopaedic Institute team includes physicians and nurses dedicated to the management of pain. Services include a pre-operative pain evaluation that precedes the patient's operation by days or weeks. Our physicians, who are board-certified in both anesthesiology and pain management, review each patient's medical history, medications, any applicable allergies, and document a careful past surgical/anesthetic history. Options for the intra-operative anesthesia, post-operative pain management and transition are discussed in detail throughout your stay.

Here at HackensackUMC, our multidisciplinary team approaches the matter of post-operative pain management as an integral component of the patient's surgery. We recognize the nuances that need to be individually appreciated for patients and have set up a division specifically geared to address the goals of each patient and his/her surgeon.



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