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Coping with the loss of your loved one

The death of someone you love is one of the greatest losses that can occur. Grief is a normal, healthy response to loss. When we lose someone important to us our grief can be particularly intense. The sadness typically diminishes in intensity as time passes, but grieving is an important process in order to adjust to our loss and life without our loved one.
Everyone feels grief in their own way. People’s response to grief will vary. There is no “normal” time period for someone to grieve. Do not expect to pass through “stages;” although this may be the experience of some, grief is not linear. It is common to experience mood changes and to be overcome by strong emotions unexpectedly. These are not signs of weakness, they are normal. People who are grieving may  nd it useful to use some of the following strategies to help come to terms with loss:
  • Talk about the death of your loved one with friends and colleagues in order to better understand what happened and remember your friend or family member.
  • Show yourself compassion. Accept your feelings. People experience all kinds of emotions after the death of someone close. Sadness, anger, frustration and even exhaustion are all normal.
  • Take care of yourself and your family. Eating well, exercising and getting plenty of rest help us get through each day and move forward.
  • Remember and celebrate the lives of your loved ones. Possibilities include donating to a favorite charity of the deceased, framing photos of fun times, passing on a family name to a baby or planting a garden in memory. What you choose is up to you, as long as it allows you honor that unique relationship in a way that feels right to you.
When a person’s grief-related thoughts, behaviors, or feelings are extremely distressing and unrelenting, a quali ed mental health professional may be able to help. For individual counseling we recommend calling your insurance company for a list of local, in-network providers. We are also from here please please see next pageable to assist you with this.

In addition to individual counseling, some people  find support groups helpful:

Support groups for adults:

“New Start,” 8-week series for newly bereaved. Paramus, NJ. Call Carly Tsaglos, LCSW, 201-291-6246
“Pathways,” for those bereaved from 1 month-2 years. Paramus, NJ. Call Carly Tsaglos, LCSW,  201-291-6246
Our Lady of the Visitation Rectory, weekly group Paramus, NJ. Call 201-845-8573 or 201-261-6080
Hudson Hospice, Jersey City, bi-monthly, 201-433-6225
Pockets of Light; Peer led grief support group; pregnancy & newborn loss Montclair Call Erin to register, 973-841-7524
Hearts & Crafts Grief Counseling, weekly group for young adult spouses Hillsdale, NJ. Call 201-818-9339. $40
Compassionate Care Hospice, Hawthorne, NJ Contact Donna Ash, 973-916-1400 to register
HackensackUMC Pregnancy & Newborn loss support group Contact Alissa Sandler 551-996-5131
Compassionate Friends; Peer led grief support group; Child loss Call 201-567-0089
“Stepping Stones,” Parents with child loss; Valley Hospice Bi-weekly group. Call 201-291-6364
“Sharing the Journey,” for loss of child or grandchild. Sessions run for 8 weeks. Teaneck, NJ. Call Lenore Guido, MA, 201-833-3000 ext 7580
“Sharing the Journey” for those bereaved in the past year. Sessions run for 8 weeks. Teaneck and Upper Saddle River, NJ. Call Lenore Guido, MA, 201-833-3000 ext 7580

Support groups for children/teens:

“Journeys,” children/teens who are bereaved OR dealing with loved one w/serious illness Valley hospice; call 201-291-6243
HackensackUMC Memorial Services For 2016
Location: Hekemian Conference Center Auditorium
Time: 6 to 8 p.m. 2016 Dates: Thursdays - March 31, July 21, November 17 Please call 551-996-2345 to confirm attendance.

Books for adults

“When Bad Things Happen to Good People,” by Harold Kushner
“About Grief,” by Channing Bete
“Necessary Losses” by Judith Voirst
“How to Go on Living when Someone we Love Dies” by Theresa A. Rando, PhD.
“When the Bough Breaks: Forever After the Death of a Son or Daughter,” by Judith Berstein, PH.D.
“No Time for Goodbyes: Coping With Grief, Anger and Injustice After a Tragic Death,” by Janice Harris Lord “How to survive the loss of a love” by Melba Colgrove, Harold Bloom eld & Peter McWilliams
“Don’t Take my Grief Away” by Doug Manning
“Good Grief” by Doug Manning
“Understanding Grief: Helping Yourself Heal” by Judy Tatelbaum “A Child’s view of Grief (a guide for caring adults)” by Alan Wolfelt

Books for children

“Why Did You Die,” by Goldring and Leeuwenburgh “The Fall of Freddy the Leaf,” by Leo Buscalgia “Grief is a Mess” by Jackie Schuld
“Never the Same” by Donna Schuurman

Websites (FaceBook Page)

Additional resources:

CancerCare, Ridgewood, NJ, 201-444-6630 (bereaved spouses)
Hearts & Crafts Grief Counseling, Hillsdale, NJ, 201-818-9399
Good Grief (for children, teens & young adults), Morristown & Princeton, NJ locations. 609-498-6674 or 908-522-1999 (search for a counselor) (search for a counselor) (The Dougy Center)
If you would benefit from additional support, please do not hesitate to call and ask for one of our coordinators at 551-996-2442

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