GAMEPLAN for Managing Stress

Why does it seem like there is always something raising our stress level lurking behind every corner? Stress exponentially increases the likelihood of serious illness, emotional distress, and overall negatively impacts quality of life.
Stress can be a complicated matter with numerous contributing factors but the GamePlan is pretty simple.
Use the following resources, techniques, and wellness practices to zap stress even before it rears its ugly head.
1. Know the stats: Stress increases possibility of heart disease by 40%, the risk of heart attack by 25%, and the risk of stroke by a whopping 50%.  
2.Know the fundamentals: Stress is caused by anything from the mundane to more serious events like divorce or the illness of a family member. Knowing what your day-to-day triggers are and knowing how to mitigate the more manageable stressors is key.  
3.Keep your equipment in good order: Maintaining good physical condition and  keeping up on your hygiene will keep you confident and less likely to succumb to the blues.  
4. Prepare a training regimen: Workout, play a sport, dance around during commercial breaks…it all works! Physical activity, exercise, and other physical stress relievers release endorphins that make us feel great.  Fitness also boosts confidence and overall mental wellness.  
5. Know Your Opponent: Stress contributes to anxiety, depression, and heart disease. It’s varying and wide spread causes make it hard to completely avoid but with simple steps it can be managed.
6. Take care of your teammates: Your stress level affects everyone around you from your partner to the bank teller on the receiving end of your impatience.  Try and remember how your actions and mindset can affect others.  
7. Take a time out: Mediation, breathing exercises, and simply taking a quiet moment have all proven effective adversaries of stress.  By mindfully slowing heart rate you can decrease blood pressure.
8. Fuel for Performance: Nutrition and proper hydration is paramount in keeping you moving through a stress free life.  Opt for water, limit alcohol, and stick with nutritious foods.  Stress causes a spike in the overconsumption of food and in poor food choices.  Satiate your appetite without over eating.
9. Talk to your coach: Whether it’s a medical professional, fitness trainer, or nutritionist seek out their expertise and make sure you are maximizing your Warrior potential. Take the first step today by calling 855-996-WELL (9355) or clicking here to learn more about our world-class physicians at HackensackUMC.
10. Put your GAMEPLAN in Action: HackensackUMC Fitness & Wellness Powered by the Giants can help you put your GAMEPLAN into action. Check out to start getting fit and well!

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