GAMEPLAN for Young Professionals

You work hard and you play hard - that’s how you operate.  Independence is great but you can’t burn the candle at both ends if you’re unwell.  If you are working overtime towards a promotion or hitting the 5am cycle class, maintaining your health and energy is vital.  
1. Know the Stats: About a quarter of US millennials polled say that they are consistently struggling to find good work/life balance.
2. Know the fundamentals: Long hours at the office followed by longer nights with your friends may lead to a compromised immune system.  Understanding your limits, and getting the rest that you need will keep you in the game.
3. Know your team history:  Staying healthy is a short term and long term focus.  In the long term it is important to understand your family’s medical background.  
4. Know Your Opponent: Dehydration, lack of sleep, poor diet, and the emotional extremes of meeting the demands of your job, family, and friends can all take a toll on your overall wellness. 
5. Take care of your teammates:  Your level of wellness, health, mood, and schedule can affect those around you.  If you’re sick, take a day off from work and extracurricular activities.  If you’re feeling great, boost those around you.
6. Keep your equipment in good order: Eating healthy, staying hydrated, maintaining regular and restful sleep habits, and alcohol in moderation are all contributing factors to a healthy body.  Smoking is not recommended.
7. Good offense is a good defense:  Good hygiene and overall cleanliness wards off germs and keeps illness causing bacteria at bay.  Sanitizing your living space and work area is also a great way to avoid contracting nasty colds and more serious sicknesses.
8. Prepare a training regimen:  Physical activity may help flush bacteria out of the lungs and airways. This may reduce your chance of getting a cold, flu, or other airborne illness. Exercise causes changes in antibodies and white blood cells, the body's immune system cells that fight disease.
9. Talk to your coach: Whether it’s a medical professional, fitness trainer, or nutritionist seek out their expertise and make sure you are maximizing your Warrior potential. Take the first step today by calling 855-996-WELL (9355) or clicking here to learn more about our world-class physicians at HackensackUMC.
10. Put your GAMEPLAN in Action: HackensackUMC Fitness & Wellness Powered by the Giants can help you put your GAMEPLAN into action. Check out to start getting fit and well!

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