Chronic diseases, new health technologies take stage at Davos

The 48th World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, provided a platform for public-private cooperation to advance global health and the health care industry. Andre Goy, M.D., chairman and executive director of the John Theurer Cancer Center, chief of the Lymphoma Division, professor of medicine at Georgetown University was a discussion leader on a panel evaluating the impact of Virtual Reality (VR) in health care and other industries in the future. In the same way the desktop computer drove the growth of the electronics industry through the early 2000s, many leaders in the industry believe VR will be the device to do the same in the 2020s. “This year at Davos, there were over 50 sessions focused on health and health care — illustrating the rapid and complex changes happening in the field. Precision medicine, value-based care and new technologies such as artificial intelligence, remote monitoring and virtual care delivery are already reshaping the field,” said Dr. Goy.

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