Planetree Initiative

With the Planetree model of care, we are taking a patient-centered, holistic approach by promoting mental, emotional, spiritual, social and physical healing. This model empowers patients and families through the sharing of information and encourages the creation of healing partnerships with caregivers. It seeks to maximize positive healthcare outcomes by integrating the best of medical technology while incorporating art and nature into the healing environment.

Safety Initiative

Medication safety is a top priority at Hackensack University Medical Center, which is one of a select number of institutions in the country that has a dedicated medication safety officer who is assigned to oversee pharmacy safety measures that include: strict adherence to regulatory standards; proactive Medication Safety Committee; technology that bolsters safety practices; and Pursuing Perfection initiatives.

Korean Medical Initiative

The Korean Medical Initiative is designed to meet the medical and cultural needs of Korean-born patients of Hackensack University Medical Center. Our team consists of dedicated doctors, nurses and staff who respect and support Korean culture and values. The board is part of a commitment and dedication to patient-centered treatment by Hackensack University Medical Center.

코리안 메디칼 이니셔티브 (The Korean Medical Initiative)는 하켄섹유엠씨( Hackensack University Medical Center)의 한국태생 환자분들의의료및문화적요구를모두충족해드리기위해설계되었습니다. 저희팀은한국의문화와가치를존중하고지원하는 헌신적인의사, 간호사와 직원들로구성되어있습니다. 이사업은하켄섹 유엠씨 (Hackensack University Medical Center)의 환자중심의치료에 대한 서약과헌신의일부입니다.