I am Grateful to be Here and Healthy

Maureen O'Connor

On a beautiful spring day, Maureen was on her way home from a short run – “I was looking forward to enjoying the weekend with my family” – when she entered a crosswalk. Next thing she knew she was lying on the ground. What Maureen didn’t realize was that she had been hit by a truck and thrown 25 feet into the air.

Conscious, but in shock, Maureen had a CAT scan at Hackensack University Medical Center that revealed internal bleeding. But when she was wheeled into surgery, the extent of her injuries stunned everyone in the operating room: her renal artery was severed, and she was bleeding uncontrollably in her chest. Maureen bled through four times, and the situation was dire. Fortunately, the team, under the direction of surgeons Dr. Sara Dayal (Critical Care) and Dr. Gregory Simonian (Vascular), was able to stop the bleeding and get everything under control.

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  • I am 100% – no after effects, not even a limp.