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September 4, 2018

Early on in my leadership career, I was dubbed by a mentor as the “sifter” on our team. I was always the go-to person when there was a problem; you could say I was a professional “problem solver.” While I constantly valued the importance of acknowledging that a problem existed, I challenged folks to express not only their concerns but their ideas and or recommendations of how to resolve issues.

Although it is great to evolve in your leadership career, resolving issues and being the go-to person, one has to be careful of not becoming complacent. When people consistently look to you as the “sifter”, it is easy for those same individuals to overlook that you, their go-to leader, also needs exposure to leadership development opportunities.

To that end, regardless of how experienced a leader may be, it takes courage to ask for help and to recognize that experienced leaders can fall into the category of “not knowing what they do not know”. Self-awareness, reflection and humility are key attributes needed in order to be courageous enough to seek help when needed. Recognizing that one must always be on the growth path will help to maintain relevance and effective leadership.


Transform healthcare and be recognized as the leader of positive change.


Innovation is in our DNA, compelling us to create a world where: the highest quality care is human-centered, accessible and affordable; we deliver outcomes that matter most; and excellence is the standard.


Creative: I will do my part to make things better.
Courageous: I will do the right thing.
Compassionate: I am the human experience.
Collaborative: I embrace teamwork.

Messages to Dianne...

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Once again, I wanted to tell you [Dianne] that I was very impressed and thoroughly enjoyed your presentation!

Last Saturday I attended a Ted X event in Asbury Park, which was very inspiring, motivating and insightful, and I thought a speaker like you would be very welcomed at the next year’s event on May 18th. Not sure if you are interested, but I included the link below. http://tedxasburypark.com/

I am also on a HMH Women in Leadership Mentoring Committee which will be rolling out a pilot mentorship program by the end of this year. You would be a perfect leader to add to the group of the Mentors. If you are interested, please let me know and I’ll connect you with the Chair of the group.

-Eugenia Timm, FACHE, CMPE, Director of Operations, Physician Services Division


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I wanted to send you a note of thanks for your [Dianne’s] great “Humanizing Care Through Courageous Leadership” session at the HR Summit last week.

I found it extremely beneficial and thought provoking – so thank you!

-Janet Gundling, MBA, Vice President, Physician Services Division