Emergency Preparedness Program

The Hackensack University Medical Center Emergency Management Committee has developed and maintains the Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)

The EOP, developed in addition to the planning and development of various hospital-wide drills, is based on an all-hazards approach. One plan addresses response to all types of emergencies. There is a Hazard Vulnerability Analysis (HVA) that the Disaster Committee reviews and revises annually.

Emergency Alerts

Have you ever heard those strange color codes announced over head in the hospital and wondered what they meant? In January of 2019 the Hackensack Meridian Health Network replaced those confusing color codes with Plain Language Emergency Alerts. Instead of calling the traditional color code to announce emergencies throughout the hospital – which can differ in meaning from one facility to another – having HMH facilities use plain language alerts instead allows for the use of terms everyone can quickly and easily understand. This eliminates code confusion and helps to improve response times. During a medical emergency, a plain language alert would consist of, for example, “Medical Alert, Stoke Team, Room 302 West”. Tests have shown that these alerts are easy to understand and create a much faster response from the teams being alerted.

For more information about Plain language Emergency Alerts, CLICK HERE.