The Audiology Department is comprised of audiologists who are healthcare providers trained in the hearing sciences.

For over 35 years the Hackensack University Medical Center Audiology Department has set the standard as a provider of comprehensive audiological services.

Setting the Standard

Department of Otolaryngology

Our pediatric otolaryngology team provides comprehensive management of medical and surgical diseases of the ears, nose, and throat from birth through adolescence.

The Best Kind of Treatment

The Institute of Child Development

Our mission is to help children with neurodevelopmental and behavioral disorders and complex medical needs achieve their maximum potential.

Our International Reputation

Genetic Services

All patients in the Genetics Service are seen by board-certified medical geneticists and counselors in the areas of prenatal, cancer, pediatric, and adult genetics.

The Information You Need

Pediatric Audiology

Your child would see an audiologist if he or she has problems hearing—either from birth or as a result of an illness or injury.

Interdisciplinary Practice