We treated

Dominick first

and his large-B cell lymphoma second






“To this day, I can't believe what a drastic change I experienced, from the lowest of low with chemotherapy to doing an immunotherapy, it's a world of difference. It's your own body's immune system fighting the cancer. It's like Star Trek future stuff.” — Dominick

John Theurer Cancer Center

is pushing the boundaries of science and innovation to heal the human body and spirit.

Healing the Body

Healing the Spirit

Our advancements in cancer

are moving faster than cancer itself.

Participating in a clinical trial allows patients, such as Dominick, to be among the first to access potentially lifesaving therapies, as well as the experts at John Theurer Cancer Center with their experience conducting these trials. We have more than 1,000 ongoing clinical trials.

“John Theurer Cancer Center didn’t approach medicine with just numbers and facts. They approached it in an emotional way.” — Dominick