Customizing your treatment through precision medicine.

Translational research by definition brings knowledge from bench to bedside to offer as early as possible advanced options in difficult to treat cancers. This includes a strong dedication from John Theurer Cancer Center to customize treatment through precision medicine.

Dr. David Siegel Discusses Advances in the Treatment of Multiple Myeloma

Hear how John Theurer Cancer Center is decreasing the failure of multiple myeloma treatments from Dr. Siegel.

Pivotal Resources for Cancer Research

Two vital resources used by researchers at John Theurer Cancer Center are the Tumor Registry and Tissue Repository. The Tumor Registry (also called the Cancer Registry) is a source of data on all reportable tumors that are diagnosed and/or treated at our facility. The Tumor Registry is staffed by certified tumor registrars (CTR) and data management experts. They interpret and collect a wide range of demographic, diagnostic, treatment, and follow-up information on each patient.

They submit these data, as required, to state and national registries for use in research, treatment, and prevention initiatives that have the potential to benefit patients everywhere. Our physicians, researchers, and healthcare administrators rely on these data to identify cancer trends, observe how the disease presents in different populations, measure outcomes, and formulate plans to continuously improve patient care.

Our Tissue and Tumor Bank is a rich source of tissue, blood, and bone marrow samples from patients who gave their consent after undergoing biopsies, surgery, or other cancer-related procedures at John Theurer Cancer Center. Our scientists use these samples to analyze and study multiple types of cancer to learn more about how cancer develops, to develop innovative new treatments, and to predict how well a treatment can work.