Breast Cancer Clinical Trials

Every cancer therapy used today came about through careful development and evaluation in clinical trials. These pivotal studies explore the safety and effectiveness of innovative treatments and sometimes compare them with existing therapies to improve the standard of care, leading to better outcomes for patients everywhere. John Theurer Cancer Center, part of Hackensack University Medical Center, conducts hundreds of clinical trials—more than any other cancer center in New Jersey—and evaluates each patient for clinical trial eligibility. We have a dedicated research nurse who specializes in clinical trials related to women’s cancers. You may have the opportunity to participate in one of these important research studies.

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Due to the nature of clinical research, clinical trials change frequently as some studies close and new trials open.

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Innovative Collaborations

Through our unique collaborations with industry sponsors—including large pharmaceutical companies headquartered in New Jersey—we offer studies of novel agents that are not widely available elsewhere, including promising targeted therapies and immunotherapies.

A Special Program for Phase I Clinical Trials

Phase I studies are the first step of evaluation of a new treatment in patients. Our program offers you the earliest access to promising new anticancer therapies. John Theurer Cancer Center has the highest number of early-phase clinical trials in New Jersey. Our dedicated Phase I Clinical Trials Program enables you to receive innovative therapies, including novel combinations, at the earliest stage of development.

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