Optimal Diagnosis and Treatment

Digestive cancers can have wide-ranging effects on your health, nutritional status, and quality of life. Their optimal diagnosis and treatment requires a team approach, uniting experts from a variety of medical and surgical disciplines in a comprehensive, coordinated program. That is the approach we take at John Theurer Cancer Center, part of Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey. We offer full-service, integrated care for cancers of the colon, rectum, anus, bile duct, gallbladder, liver, pancreas, small intestine, and stomach in a healing, supportive environment. You’ll also have access to clinical trials evaluating the most promising investigational therapies in cancer care today.

Specialized Gastrointestinal Surgery

The surgical treatment of digestive cancers can be complex. Our gastrointestinal cancer surgeons treat a high volume of patients and have exceptional expertise performing the full range of surgical techniques, including specialized procedures for colorectal, pancreatic, esophageal, and hepatobiliary cancers. Whenever possible, they use minimally invasive surgery, including robotic-assisted surgery, which results in smaller incisions, less pain after surgery, and a quicker recovery. They’re also equally experienced performing open surgical procedures when minimally invasive approaches are not feasible.

The Latest Anticancer Medications

We offer chemotherapy combinations and targeted therapies based on the latest medical research findings, choosing anticancer drugs based on the biology of your disease. We test your cancer to identify genetic mutations and learn about the molecular signals involved in your cancer cells’ growth. This “precision medicine” approach ensures that you receive the therapy that is best suited for the biology of your cancer. You can receive infusion therapies in our comfortable infusion suite, which is staffed by experienced subspecialized oncology nurses who monitor your health and comfort during your treatment.

Precision Radiation Therapy

John Theurer Cancer Center provides the most advanced radiation therapy available today, featuring state-of-the-art technologies that finely target radiation to tumors You can receive radiation that is shaped to the contours of your tumor and delivers high doses of cancer-killing energy while sparing more nearby healthy tissue than ever before.

Clinical Trials for Gastrointestinal Cancers

Clinical trials offer hope to patients with digestive cancers that have come back despite prior treatment, cannot be removed surgically, or have spread (metastasized) to other parts of the body. John Theurer Cancer Center conducts more clinical trials than any other cancer center in New Jersey, including studies of novel immunotherapies that harness the power of the immune system to find and kill cancer cells. Among these are checkpoint inhibitors (drugs that work by inhibiting the proteins cancer cells use to evade detection by the immune system) which show activity against many cancer subtypes, including colon and gastric cancers. We also have a dedicated Phase I Clinical Trial Program dedicated to these pivotal early studies. You may have the opportunity to participate in a clinical trial of an innovative treatment that might be an additional option after or in place of conventional chemotherapy.

Our Gastrointestinal Oncology Specialists

Are You Eligible for a Clinical Trial?

Our gastrointestinal oncologists are actively involved in clinical trials assessing new treatments that have the potential to be more effective than existing therapies. We are also collaborating with investigators at Georgetown University’s Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center on translational “bench-to-beside” research, speeding promising findings of laboratory studies to clinical trials, where they can be evaluated in our patients.

We have a robust program for Phase I clinical trials—the earliest stage of a new drug’s assessment in patients. In fact, John Theurer Cancer Center has the highest number of early-phase clinical trials in New Jersey. You may be able to receive an innovative therapy, including investigational drugs that may not be available elsewhere.

Gastric Cancer Clinical Trials

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