Taking Aim at Cancer with TomoTherapy®

Radiation therapy is a highly effective way to treat many cancers, but can cause side effects such rectal irritation and urinary problems (for men with prostate cancer) and dry mouth and swallowing problems (for patients with head and neck cancers). Radiation oncologists and medical physicists have refined radiation delivery techniques over the years to learn how to administer more focused, high-intensity radiation directly to tumor tissue while sparing nearby healthy tissue.

At John Theurer Cancer Center, many patients with prostate, head and neck, lung, and esophageal cancers can take advantage of helical TomoTherapy® radiation therapy, which we use to deliver a very sophisticated form of intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT). This integrated treatment system is unlike any other and gives you unparalleled accuracy, precision, and safety.

John Theurer Cancer Center is one of just a few facilities in New Jersey where you can receive TomoTherapy, which integrates treatment planning, patient positioning, and treatment delivery into one unique system. The radiation technologist obtains a CT scan to localize your tumor before each treatment, and then delivers painless and precise radiation therapy based on a carefully customized plan. This double-checking process is particularly useful for targeting parts of the body that can move from day to day, and can take into account tumor shrinkage over time as you go through your treatment.

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CT imaging is often the best method for detecting many different cancers, including lung, liver, kidney and pancreatic cancer, since the image allows a physician to confirm the presence of a tumor and measure its size, precise location and the extent of the tumor’s involvement with other nearby tissue.

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Radiation Oncology Division

Our goal is to treat your cancer, working very closely with other experts in your care, while taking into account all physical, functional, emotional, and quality of life aspects of your disease.

An Anchor of Cancer Treatment

True Beam Radiotherapy System

In 2010 John Theurer Cancer Center Radiation Oncology Department became the first cancer center in New Jersey to acquire TrueBeam™, an innovative system that enables a radically different approach to treating cancer with image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT).

Treating the Most Challenging Cases

Prostate Cancer

The Prostate Cancer Program at Hackensack University Medical Center’s Department of Urology has earned the Gold Seal of Approval® by The Joint Commission, signifying the highest quality patient care and a devotion to patient safety.

With You For Every Step