(MRI) Magnetic Resonance Imaging

When You Arrive

Be sure to arrive at the time you were given. This will ensure that we can help you with your registration and have you ready for your MRI exam on time. The MRI staff will go over all the MRI safety questions in detail with you as we prepare you for the exam.

Removing jewelry  
You will be asked to remove clothing and a hospital gown will be provided. You must also remove all jewelry to avoid interference with MRI imaging. A locker will be provided for you to secure all of your belongings.

IV injection 
If your doctor ordered your MRI with contrast (dye), you will be given an IV in your arm before the MRI begins. We will inject the contrast dye through this IV.

You should continue your daily routine with any medications that you regularly take.

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Imaging and Radiology Patient Experience

In a region that boasts more world-class hospitals per square mile than anywhere in the world, Hackensack University Medical Center is among the elite.

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3D/4D Advanced Imaging Laboratory

Using post-processing technology, our advanced imaging specialist produces sophisticated 3D images, which provide beneficial information for radiologists, surgeons, and other healthcare professionals.

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Imaging and Radiology Patient Documents

Here you may find the forms needed for your procedure with our Imaging and Radiology team at Hackensack University Medical Center

Before your visit please feel free to fill out the required forms.