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What Happens During the Exam?

The technologist begins by positioning the child on the table. Infants and young children are wrapped tightly in a blanket to help them lie still during the test. Parents are permitted to be present during this procedure.

The urethra is cleaned with a special liquid called betadine. A plastic tube called a catheter is inserted into the bladder through the urethra. In boys, the tube is passed through the penis. The contrast dye is placed into the bladder through the catheter. The radiologist will watch the monitor while the bladder is filling. The radiologist can see if any liquid backs up into one or both ureters. Several pictures of the bladder and urethra are taken as the child urinates and empties his/her bladder. A final X-ray is taken when the child has completely emptied his or her bladder and the catheter has been removed.

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X-rays are taken using ionizing electromagnetic radiation that penetrates the body, impinges on a solid metallic background and results in images that are captured on film.

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