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We can also provide our expert opinion on treatment of osteoporosis and common arthritic diseases such as osteoarthritis, tendinitis, and back or neck arthritis

Treatment for osteoporosis is evolving, with new medications and new recommendations. Our Osteoporosis Center is outfitted with a new, state of the art DEXA scanner, and the scans are read by physicians with special training in this area.

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Hand and Wrist

Your hand is a very complicated part of your body, with 19 bones, 15 joints, 3 nerves, and numerous muscles and ligaments that all work together to allow you to move. Hand pain can be caused by different things, including trauma, arthritis, or injury. Different conditions can cause different kinds of symptoms.

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Imaging and Radiology Services

The Department of Imaging and Radiology is comprised of physicians, radiologic health professionals, nurses, administrative coordinators, schedule coordinators and secretaries who work together to provide a comprehensive array of diagnostic and therapeutic imaging services.

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Not all orthopedic problems are the same. Not all orthopedic specialists treat the same conditions.

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