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Our multidisciplinary team delivers unsurpassed care utilizing an array of techniques, including counseling, therapy and treatments by board-certified psychiatrists. Each day, we put people of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities on the road to happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Patient Care Services & Leadership: Psychiatry and Behavioral Health

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Pediatric Developmental & Behavioral Health

The Institute for Child Development offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment for children and adolescents who have problems with growth, development, and behavior.

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Primary Care Providers & Specialists

Choosing a PCP and forming a physician-patient relationship is an invaluable asset to your health and wellness.

Primary Care Providers & Specialists


We can be reached by both bus and rail, with service from areas within Bergen County, as well as New York City.

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Institute for Child Development

The Institute for Child Development (ICD) has gained a national and international reputation for providing superior diagnostic and treatment services to children with special needs.

Superior diagnostic and treatment services