An Accurate Diagnosis

We have a fully accredited Non-Invasive Vascular Laboratory onsite, offering painless diagnostic testing employing such techniques as duplex ultrasound to examine your blood vessels and pinpoint any blockages, narrow areas, or blood clots. Our physicians provide these exams to patients who have been referred by their physicians or who come to us on an emergency basis because of suspected deep vein thrombosis (DVT, a blood clot that requires treatment).

Endovascular and Open Surgical Approaches

Our vascular surgeons are experienced in the use of special techniques and instruments to perform endovascular procedures, which require only a small puncture in an artery or vein. These techniques are associated with a shorter recovery time. Minimally invasive procedures are not the right choice for every person, so in some cases, surgeons may perform traditional open surgery to provide the best care.

Our Vascular Surgery Specialists

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