Bladder Cancer

Dr. Ahmed Discusses Bladder Cancer Research and Innovation

Bladder cancer is the 4th most common cancer in men and 9th most common cancer in women. Watch Dr. Mutahar Ahmed discuss the latest innovation in surgical management of invasive bladder cancer.

Innovative Surgeons

As a world-class research hospital, Hackensack offers the latest, most advanced bladder cancer treatment options as well as access to clinical trials. Our surgeons were among the first to perform minimally invasive robotic cystectomy (bladder removal surgery) in the tri-state area and continue to innovate this field of surgery.

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Robotic Cystectomy

5 years – 305 cystectomies
39% obtain a continent diversion including neobladder

Quality Metrics 2021

Average length of nightly stay
9.8 %
Transfusion rate
13 %
Readmission Rate
96 %
Discharge Directly Home
26 %
Travel > 30 Miles

Leader in Robotic Training

Our urologists use the most advanced techniques to help you maintain urinary continence and quality of life.

Chemotherapy for Bladder Cancer

Chemotherapy uses medications to treat cancer. Depending on the stage of your bladder cancer and other factors, your bladder cancer treatment plan may include:

  • Chemotherapy delivered directly to your bladder, called intravesical chemotherapy. This is typically an option only if you have very early-stage bladder cancer.
  • Chemotherapy that is given through an intravenous (IV) injection or in a pill and travels throughout your body, called systemic chemotherapy.
  • Systemic chemotherapy that is given before bladder-sparing surgery, such as a TUR or partial cystectomy procedure. In some cases, systemic chemotherapy may be given after surgery.
  • Systemic chemotherapy as the main form of treatment for advanced bladder cancer. This may be an option if the bladder cancer has spread to other parts of your body.
  • Chemotherapy that is combined with radiation therapy.


Immunotherapy uses medications to help your immune system detect and fight cancer cells. Depending on the stage of your bladder cancer and other factors, your bladder cancer treatment plan may include:

  • Immunotherapy delivered directly to your bladder through a catheter.
  • Immunotherapy as a second line of treatment if chemotherapy is not working.
  • Immunotherapy in combination with bladder-sparing surgery.


Our Bladder Cancer Specialists

Our Bladder Cancer Specialists